“iFilebox is an amazingly, simple tool that I use everyday to organize my notes. It’s exactly what I was looking for to replace Notes.”

Hakan’s company, Press Play

“The iFilebox app works similar to how you would use an ordinary filing cabinet. It’s an excellent additional to my iPhone because I use it. I’ve recommended it to my entire team and everyone I know who has an iPhone!”

Marten Compoc, UI Dev

“iFilebox is my favorite app and continues to be my most used app. It’s great for storing bits of information all in one place and organized for easy retrieval.”

Jeanne Peterson

“The iFilebox team has created an app which is easy to use and very intuitive. Unlike confusing interfaces on many other apps, this one doesn’t require hours to learn how to use. It’s simple, elegant and I’m finally able to organize my notes.”

Joseph Steck, Rocketroom