Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with iFilebox?

iFilebox is not just another notes app. It organizes information similar to the way people have been doing so for years; in a filing cabinet. To add information to iFilebox, you start by creating a folder. In the folder you create notes. Folders are indexed alphabetically. Notes are displayed in the order you create them. You can get to a particular note by tapping it’s folder, then tapping it’s title, or you can use iFilebox’s Search capability to get to it directly.

iFilebox has no inherent limitations on the amount of information it can contain; it is limited only by the available memory in the particular device your using.

How does iFilebox safeguard my data?

There are two levels of protection offered by iFilebox. Either at the time you create a folder, or anytime thereafter, you can assign a passcode to “lock” its contents, similar to the way you can lock your device when you assign it a passcode. In addition, Apple has provided a data protection feature to the iPhone operating system (iOS) to protect data. Do a Web seach on “iOS Data Protection” for further details.

How does the iFilebox passcode relate to the device passcode?

They are independent. An iFilebox passcode locks a folder to prevent unauthorized access to its notes. For strong protection of your data choose a unique 4-digit passcode for your device and then assign different passcodes for those folders whose contents you want to protect.

How do color assignments work?

You can assign colors two ways in iFilebox; you can assign a folder color and you can assign a notepad (paper) color.  These color assignments are independent of each other.  When you select a colored folder, that colored folder will appear in the folder list.  You may want to assign a color to a folder (icon) that means something specific to you.  When you select a colored notepad, think of this as selecting a notepad of colored paper.  The default color for both folders and notes is white but you can change these either when you create a folder or anytime after.

Can I set my own font?

Yes.  When you create a folder you can select a font different than the default font.  Like colors, you can change the font even after a folder has notes in it.  To adjust the size of the font, use the two-finger pinch gesture to dynamically set the font size to how you like it.

Can I email a note?

Not only can you email a note, you can print it. Tap the envelope icon to email a note. Tap the printer icon to print a note.

Can I change the order of folders and notes?

You can in the iPad version. Tap the icon that looks like a wrench when viewing either your list of folders or list of notes. The list will go into an edit-mode and you can then drag individual entries around to customize the order they are listed. Tap the wrench again to exit edit mode.

Why does iFilebox not support iCloud?

iFilebox doesn’t support Apple’s iCloud service because in our testing we found conditions where data could be lost. Our primary focus with iFilebox is to ensure your data is not lost or corrupted. We err on the side of caution. We continue to work with Apple in our testing of iCloud and when we reach the point where we’re convinced that incorporating iCloud into iFilebox will not affect your data, we will update iFilebox to offer this new capability.