Simplifying the organization of your notes

iFilebox® is an intuitive, simple to use tool to organize your notes into folders. If you understand the concept of a filing cabinet, you will pick-up on how to use iFilebox. Other note applications complicate the process to create and manage your notes. iFilebox is a perfect balance to create, organize, file, alphabetize, protect, and access your notes. To further support ease of organization, notes can be color coded. Information held by iFilebox can also be password protected.

Create & manage folders

Create an unlimited number of searchable folders

Manage your notes

Multiple notes can be added to your folders. Your notes can be emailed, printed, bookmarked and lined or unlined.


Select from various colors for your folder and notes. Choice your fonts and password protect your folders

Simplifying the organization of your notes

We’ve built iFilebox to be an intuitive notes app that can be picked up and used immediately without a learning curve. It’s designed to replace your current notes app, which provide a much simpler way to organize your information. Practical, Simple, Beautiful.